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We believe swimming is an essential life skill.

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Great reasons to learn to swim

1. Safety

Swimming teaches children essential safety and skills that may one day save their life. Safety is the most important reason that kids should learn to swim. Unfortunately one of the scariest statistics is that, for every child that dies from drowning, five are left with permanent brain damage as a result of the prolonged lack of oxygen which occurs during a near drowning. It takes only four minutes without oxygen for irreversible brain damage to occur. Drowning’s are listed as one of the top causes of unnatural death amongst children in South Africa. As parents we understand that it is not possible to watch over our children all the time and if you own your own pool or live near water you will soon discover children have a knack of finding themselves in the thick of it. For your child's sake alleviate the possibility of a water related injury by making sure your child attends swimming classes at a young age and learns the basics to survive a fall into a pool Our children are priceless, and the likelihood of drowning can be reduced if our precious ones know how to swim.


2. Confidence

It builds confidence as they accomplish skills and continues to provide further challenges. A method to help children improve their confidence is to allow them the opportunity to learn and develop new skills. Swimming is a great skill that can help instill a sense of confidence. Once a child starts seeing the obvious improvements in their swimming abilities, they will soon feel good about their accomplishments and as a result will feel good and confident in their own self. Learning to swim is one of life’s milestones, like riding a bike or learning to read it is great for self esteem and gives children a real sense of achievement.


3. Independence & Coordination

Encourages independence and develops coordination skills. Swimming is a great activity to help aid in improving the motor skills of children. The coordination of arms and legs required to swim is a perfect way to help a child develop his or her awareness of their movement. While as parents we must always ensure children are supervised in an around water, their sense of independence increases as their swimming skills improve. Coordination is also improved benefitting them with other sports they might like to try.


4. Healthy Exercise

Swimming is a healthy form of exercise that is low impact and provides a full body workout. Teaching children early about the importance of fitness is a lesson which they can use for the rest of their lives. In a day and age where many children are overweight due to less physical activity, it is essential to educate your children that keeping fit is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Swimming is a great form of exercise to increase fitness levels as it is one of the best cardio vascular exercises. In addition swimming is low impact, has no physical confrontation as required in most team orientated sports and is great for teaching the discipline required to maintain a healthy level of fitness.


5. Bonding

It’s a fantastic opportunity to bond with your child. It’s a wonderful way to form a connection through physical contact, building trust and the sensation of water on the body. Swimming is a fun and enjoyable activity that the whole family can participate in.


6. It is Fun

Kids should learn to swim so they can join their friends Many activities revolve around swimming, especially in the summer. We don't want our kids missing out on beach trips, water park outings, or pool parties because they don't know how to swim. We also don't want them to turn down social events because they are embarrassed by their lack of skill in the water. Turn your princesses or princes into a mermaids or mermen by making sure they know how to swim well.